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Most of my clients think that finding their dream job starts with updating their CV, cover letter and job search. They are amazed when they learn that it does not …

Before you start writing your CV, you're most likely to go through 2 stages that will impact what exactly you're putting on your CV to attract your dream job and if you will be successful at landing your dream job.

In this e-book, I am going to describe FOUR STAGES that you are likely to go through if you are looking for your dream job. Learning about these stages will help you understand where exactly you are on your journey, so you can see what is going on for you and you can navigate yourself better.

You can see it as your ROAD MAP to finding your dream job.

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Adriana Kosovska
Adriana Kosovska

Following a successful career makeover from a kitchen porter to accounts payable manager for one of the Britain's Top 100 Entrepreneurs, I have founded Zero to Dream Job project dedicated to helping unhappy, stressed and frustrated professionals over 30 find, create and keep their dream job. I regularly meet and support people who create their dream jobs. Why couldn't you be one of them?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing like a dream job? Does it exist at all?
Dream job can mean different things to different people but certainly, it does exist. I regularly work and collaborate with people who found or created their dream job.
Is reading this free e-book going to help me find my dream job?
I am not going to lie or pretend. This e-book will help you discover the proven tips that helped other dream job creators succeed, however, what is going to help you find your dream job is not reading. You need to take action. Reading this e-book can be the first action that you take to start your journey.
How long is this e-book and mini-course?
This mini-course has 3 modules and e-book has only 7 pages that are easy to read and learn from - that's not a lot to go through but enough to help you get inspired.

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